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WHO IS "Ed Ames" ?
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Surely you remember Ed Ames - the singer/actor popular in the 1950's and 1960's for
singing with the Ames Brothers and acting in the T.V. drama
Daniel Boone with Fess
Parker.  He is also famous for his knife-throwing abilities on the
Johnny Carson Show .

Now, who is Ed Ames in relation to the Berkeley County Historical Society?  Answer -

When we redesigned out website our host was unable to give us an email address that
would keep our account password secret.  So in order to have our email accessible to
our volunteers, we were required to set up a pseudo-address and that address had to
have a person's name attached to it.  We didn't want to use any one particular
volunteer's name at BCHS, so the first name that came to mind was "Ed Ames".

When you're writing to us at BCHS and you get a response, please watch for the name
of the volunteer who SIGNS the email, not the name that the email says it's from.  
Because Ed Ames is just not here at BCHS - although we'd love to meet him!